Terrabotics’ mission is to make sense of the increasing deluge of Earth Observation imagery to support big industries engaged in complex operations in remote and challenging environments around the world.

The company rapidly transform terabytes of satellite, aerial & drone imagery into accurate 3D terrain maps and geospatial analytics. It is focused on delivering useful terrain intelligence to sectors such as oil & gas and energy in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the safety of complex field operations.

Terrabotics was founded by physicist and geoscientist Gareth Morgan. After initially spotting the potential for earth observation while on a field campaign studying the migration of animals in remote parts of Russia in 2003. He returned to London to undertake a Masters, and then a PhD and Post-doc in Satellite Image Processing algorithms.

He then entered the global oil & gas industry as an earth observation consultant, working on projects all over the world from deserts to conflict zones. Drawing on these experiences and his R&D background, he then launched his company in late 2013.

The company is focused on the whole energy sector, working with organizations to help them decide how best to plan field operations or where to build new power plants, pipelines or position wind turbines. One of Terrabotic’s biggest projects to date was helping an energy firm map over 10,000 square kilometres, the size of Hawai’i Big Island, which saved 75% on traditional surveying costs.

Terrabotics leverages cutting-edge R&D into image processing algorithms that automatically transform large satellite images into high precision 3D terrain models; change detection maps and super-resolved images. The company does this faster, more accurately and at larger scale compared to any competitors. With Terrabotics’ algorithmic advantage it is uniquely positioned to handle the impending Earth Observation data explosion brought about by the low cost space revolution.

Terrabotics is now looking to build up its technology further and scale its services to their full potential. To do this successfully it needs to establish excellent relationships with all parts of the space sector value chain, to ensure that Earth Observation satellite builders, operators and data re-sellers deliver the data that it needs to meet customer demand. Houston is the energy capital of the world and so is naturally the most efficient place for Terrabotics to meet as many of its potential customers as possible.

The Space Mission will provide Terrabotics with an unrivalled opportunity to engage with space technology companies, influencers and strategic investors.