Scot Sat’s journey to develop, build, market and sell technologically advanced, affordable, mobile satellite communication equipment began three years ago. The company approach revolved around new plastic design and manufacturing techniques applied to the satellite industry, advancing the current technology used in maritime and land mobile satellite communications.

Uniquely, Scot Sat is able to provide ultra-high speed communication equipment at a fraction of the cost of traditional suppliers. This is primarily because it has embraced the 3-D printing revolution. Many of its products are printed using 3-D printers with highly durable materials at a fraction of the price. This cost saving it passes on to its customers.

With a novel approach to materials design, Scot Sat aims to deliver cost effective designs that would create a step shift in equipment pricing which could open up satellite broadband services to an area of these markets currently not served. The company is made up of individuals who previously built up a maritime satellite communications business successfully over seven years and sold it to a major satellite communications company (FTSE Listed).

With that depth of knowledge, Scot Sat brings that experience to the remote equipment design, determined to break ceilings on maritime and land mobile satellite communications equipment. With the advent of new High Throughput Ku and KaBand satellites, the price of capacity has been falling but not so for the necessary support equipment. This makes the average packaged cost too high for many customers. Scot Sat’s new equipment will be priced to allow those who previously could not afford ultra-fast mobile communications to enjoy the benefits of such technology.