Incorporated in the UK in July 2015, Open Cosmos is a company that provides simple and affordable space access. It solves the three main space access barriers: technology, paperwork and cost.

They do this by offering a in-house built nanosatellite platform and a series of services around it (e.g. launch and ground segment procurement, licensing and insurance paperwork, in-orbit operations) so that the customer only has to take care of providing the payload, and Open Cosmos takes care of all the rest, bringing the in-orbit generated data to the customer’s desk.

All in all, it is a one-stop-shop space access provider solution with market record price and time to orbit.

Open Cosmos has gone from design to delivery of its first nanosatellite in only 4 months and it will be launched into orbit on the 30th of December. It is also official supplier of the European Space Agency’s Education Office and has provided more than 600 educational sub-orbital platforms to students all over Europe, so that they can learn following Open Cosmos’ mindset and become the next generation of space engineers.

Open Cosmos is now testing the second generation of its nanosatellite platform and doing feasibility studies for customers that involve up to 12 satellites.