Gyana is a space technology company. The company uses machine learning to make Big Data analysis available to everyone, during their everyday lives. It has created a broad range of technologies that use deep mathematical analysis models and machine learning techniques combined with space technologies to enable real time big data to help users assess the world around them. The machine learning techniques are absolutely cutting edge and one of their kind in the world. Gyana uses its own in-house mathematical research to create these unique solutions.

For example, this means it allows users to get a sense of what an area is like and learns from their mood whether it will suit them. For instance, if a user was in the mood to go out in London it would tell them how busy Covent Garden is compared with other areas of London. It would also provide insight on transport infrastructure, crime rates and other interesting trends.

Gyana has developed a unique system that helps sonify large sets of data. The experimental psychologists at Gyana were able to find that people respond better to sounds and imagery, rather than text. Therefore uniquely, the app communicates with its user through the use of sounds and imagery to communicate analysis.

Founded by Joyeeta Das and Mark Gilbert, the team counts three post doctorates and four Masters students from Oxford University among its founding staff. The team consists of some of the brightest mathematical minds at Oxford University.

Gyana was born in 2014 with an Oxford University summer accelerator program. Joyeeta Das is an active and successful entrepreneur, currently a core committee member of Oxford Business Network where she acts as Head of Business Plan Feasibility.

Besides her entrepreneurial and technology interests, she has a wide range of humanitarian experience, as a volunteer as well as the founder of Anahata Life. This NGO gathers scientists, artists, politicians, dancers, engineers to create projects with an innovative approach to social causes. She was featured by The Times as “Young Achievers in India”. She also received several awards for her work with Cisco.