Goonhilly Earth Station (GES) Ltd is the owner and operator of the world’s most famous satellite ground station. Based in the far South West of the UK, Goonhilly received the first transatlantic TV pictures in 1962 and from there grew to become the pioneer in satellite communications, present at the birth of Intelsat, Inmarsat and Eutelsat. As the UK’s main international telephone exchange and TV broadcast location, Goonhilly has a global reputation for innovation and excellence.

Now in private ownership, GES Ltd is developing Goonhilly into a diverse and highly innovative space technology and applications centre. It’s secure, and highly capable site occupies over 160 acres and is home to some of the largest antennas in Europe. The operate 24/7 providing satellite communication and telecommand services to all of the major satellite operators.

Goonhilly’s entrepreneurial business model combines a number of complementary vertical market segments each with a direct link to space or data. This diversity significantly lowers their operating risk by spreading our fixed overheads allowing them to offer a combination of brilliant service and excellent value-for-money.

The experience, knowledge and commitment of its staff is recognised by its clients as their strongest asset.