Geocento has built an online marketplace to enable anyone to obtain Earth Observation data quickly from satellites, in the knowledge that we will find the most appropriate imagery for them and ensure that they get the best deal. With support from an online platform and supplier database, it provides customers with prices for existing, recent imagery or provides them with a set of quotes for new image surveys of a location.  This is a comparison platform offering, for up-to-date and custom-fit information on a location beyond that offered by Google Earth or other generic services. Furthermore, the marketplace is already being licensed as a web platform by third parties to help them streamline their own image distribution or access. The market for satellite imagery is currently in excess of $1Billion and has an annual growth rate estimated at 13.7%.

Geocento was formed in late 2011 to provide a consolidated solution in a fragmented market for satellite imagery, helping business consumers to obtain the imagery they require for a wide range of applications. Look around, wherever you are, and you will see buildings, fields and resources of one form or another that can be surveyed, assessed quickly, easily and increasingly price competitively, for whatever purpose, be it for spraying fertiliser where it is needed, assessing damage from a storm or carrying out urban planning. Geocento is now providing this service, with early online sales underpinned by a web-based technologies as well as space industry expertise and supplier relationships. Geocento is in a position to scale up this business and at the same time to extend the supplier network to unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). This latter market is even more fragmented and will grow substantially as the regulatory environment becomes established in the US and EU over the next 2 years. The result will be a uniquely inclusive marketplace for imagery serving a very broad market.

Geocento is also keen to access qualified drone operators and imagery through a set of regional brokers and has already started this process. Geocento is a consolidator in a highly fragmented market and has ambitious plans to provide a marketplace for imagery from both satellites and drones. The latter will be one of the major disruptive technologies of the coming decade.