Ecometrica is the only company that combines geospatial mapping and earth observation technology with traditional environmental accounting for a total organisational sustainability picture, all within a single platform that can be easily controlled by non-expert users. From one map, decision makers can observe change, assess risk, spot opportunities and create strategic plans.

Ecometrica has a team of recognised experts in sustainability accounting, remote sensing and GIS.The company has unrivalled experience in environmental assessments and natural capital accounting, and the Ecometrica Platform brings clarity to environmental and natural resource challenges by combining earth observation data with local information and business intelligence.

Ecometrica has offices in the UK, US and Canada, and clients worldwide. However, primarily, Ecometrica is a rapidly growing business with a software platform that was built in-house, from scratch, by one of the most experienced environmental analyst and development teams in the business.

The emerging corporate market for mapping software, which will help to bring clarity to internal data assets and external supply chains, is still in its relative infancy – but Ecometrica has been developing solutions in anticipation since 2008, when the market crystallises, it will be there to lead it.