Arralis designs and manufactures the world’s best performing high frequency semiconductor chips up to and beyond ultra-fast 110GHz. These are being used in the next generation of aerospace and security products where high speed and reliability is vital.

Arralis’ technology enables ultra-high speed and high resolution radar. This is essential in many different applications. Just one example of its importance is its use on-board low flying helicopters, which frequently need to be able to see and avoid buildings, power lines and weather systems such as dust storms. Arralis’ semiconductor chips enable high speed and high resolution radar to spot these, before they become a risk to the helicopter.

Arralis has developed world-leading expertise in radio frequency, micro and millimetre-wave technology. Arralis’ products, which are the ultimate in precision and innovation, are used in both global and space environments where accuracy and reliability are critical. Arralis’ semiconductor chips ensure better data transmission speeds to and from satellites than any other provider in the world.

In just one example of its work, Arralis developed a 94GHz radar system for the European Space Agency. There are many threats to the success of a space mission; launching and landing the spacecraft carry the highest rate of failure during the mission. This radar system is a particularly innovative technology in that it is capable of recognising small objects such as rocks. The radar identifies zones of danger where landing the spacecraft would most likely fail or damage the structure. Similarly, the precision of this instrument is of vital importance when in space because of the amount of debris orbiting the planet.