Sen is creating space television, generating video data from space, starting with Earth. Our business model is selling very high resolution video data and analytics to the Earth Observation market where customers will include government organizations and businesses monitoring change on Earth. Sen is bringing several new capabilities to the Earth Observation market which Sen believes will make its data very valuable. Once we have generated revenues from our constellation of Earth Observation satellites, Sen plans to deploy constellations of its spacecraft around the Moon and eventually Mars, commercializing space exploration data. Sen has designed a unique imaging system which will be launched aboard the company’s own micro satellites.

As well as providing valuable data on Earth, the Moon and Mars, Sen will also generate original video content for consumers which it will market through news and social media. Sen’s space videos will change the way humans see Earth and space, inspiring and educating humanity.

Governments, businesses and people need to know what is happening on Earth, and eventually on and around the Moon and Mars as the space economy expands to these locations. Sen’s technology is designed to be multi-planetary, so that Sen can deliver unique data to governments, space operators and humanity.

As we become a multi-planetary species Sen’s video data will be an important part of the multi-planetary infrastructure that informs, inspires and educates people across worlds. Sen’s unique films of Earth, the Moon and Mars—such as the first humans arriving at Mars — will be watched by billions and change the way humanity sees space forever.