Rezatec provides products based on Earth Observation (EO) data, a market being driven by the huge increase in satellite launches and the rapidly growing availability of satellite generated data and imagery.

Based at the UK’s Harwell Space Cluster in Oxfordshire, UK, Rezatec aggregates, integrates and processes large amounts of diverse EO data from satellite, airborne and ground instruments to derive unique ‘landscape intelligence’ analytics that deliver substantial cost reduction or revenue enhancement payback for users in the agriculture, water, biomass and public sectors.

Rezatec’s suite of Data Products gives customers the ability to map, measure and monitor land use change and environmental risk, s to to deliver substantial cost reduction or revenue enhancement payback, for instance, water companies to reduce their costs of maintaining water quality, and agribusinesses to increase and manage crop yields.

Data services are provided on a subscription basis via a cloud-based portal and are dynamic, multi layered, and deliverable to the customer at a vastly lower cost than traditional consultancy based landscape data and image based reports.

Rezatec is currently in the process of a $3M Series A round of investment therefore this trip would enable the Company to meet with US investors.

The global market for Earth Observation Data Products has been estimated at $1bn in 2015 growing to $2.3bn by 2023. Within that market Rezatec has identified Agriculture and Water as the most immediately scalable opportunities. Companies in these sectors are being challenged with increasing legislative, monitoring and reporting requirements for which Rezatec provides a cost effective solution.