Realsafe Technologies is a company focused on developing safety-based technology connected to Emergency Services.

The company launched their first award-winning product, REALRIDER®, in 2013. This industry-first app designed for motorcyclists is the only one of its kind to detect if a rider has crashed and notify Emergency Services of rider location. The company’s partnership with the NHS is unique and there is no other app on the market that links directly to Emergency Services. REALRIDER® is the first app to fully integrate into the BT telematics system, which ensures crash alerts are treated like any other 999 emergency calls.

Zoe Farrington (CEO) and co-founder Andrew Richardson (CCO) previously ran a Public Sector Marketing Consultancy, Fused, which grew to become a profitable £1.8m turnover business employing a team of six staff.

The business flourished until the economic downturn that saw a radical restructure of the public sector. Viewing the changed market status as an opportunity to exploit a new idea, profits were used to form Realsafe Technologies.

Zoe and Andrew secured match funding from a VC on first pitch for REALRIDER® and in July 2012 the company was formed. The company closed a further round of £1m in September 2015.