With “end-to-end” delivery at its core, e2E was established in 1999 to provide communications engineering, integration and technical consultancy services to clients operating within the telecommunications Industry.

Whilst satellite communications remains our dominant sector, terrestrial, wireless and cellular networks is also undergoing  convergence at both the technical and operational levels. Our  engineering and implementation experience is helping bridge this harmonisation and we now provide our services into both the governmental (namely Defence) and commercial sectors.

The provision of communication services to clients over the years has enabled the Company to be at the forefront of innovation through targeted technologies and service concepts.

The Company is increasingly participating in the development of leading edge innovative technologies to provide for more affordable satellite communications. Traditional approaches continue to be a barrier to entry for smaller enterprises due to cost, coverage and complexity issues.

The pursuit of more affordable communications is founded on our belief that new cheaper innovative delivery platforms (IDPs) including Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), High Altitude Platforms (HAPs) and small satellites will increasingly be used to deliver competitive communications into niche areas where current offerings are non-existent or unsuitable.

Our NEATaccess communications equipment together with our NEATdelivery uninterrupted service delivery technology is fostering our ambition to create a disruptive change in the delivery of future satellite communications. This belief is further fuelling our underlying Research and Development (R&D) initiatives.