The team at Archangel Aerospace have worked on HAPS since 2002 and, since the company was founded in 2010, they have conducted more HAPS operations than anyone else. They are pivoting from supplying consulting expertise to supplying a large scale solution.

Only 10% of the data generated by earth observation today can be transmitted to the ground.  This will drop to <1% with new sensors and imaging satellites. The data transmission demands are growing exponentially and current supply is limited by the physics of radios and the available spectrum. Laser communications are limited by cloud.

Archangel Aerospace will fly laser communications in the stratosphere, above the weather, to 10x the data downloadable. They have developed a prototype laser terminal and tested it on low altitude drones this year. With offices located at the Harwell campus and Oxford they have access to the clean rooms, manufacturing and prototyping facilities required to execute the project and our employees have years of experience in the aerospace industry (aircraft, spacecraft and ground segment).